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The liability of 123cargo is limited because:
  • The information is collected and compiled from various internet sites (secondary sources)
  • Special merchandise are not included: oversized, ADR, animals, controlled temperature
  • Local holidays are not included, only national or federal holidays
  • No mentions of temporary restrictions generated by special weather conditions
  • No mentions of temporary restrictions and the areas existing in Spain due to compilation difficulties.

Calendar of restrictions in Romania

Puteti vedea restrictiile in timp real pe pagina InfoTrafic de pe site-ul Politiei Romane.

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Holidays in Romania

New Year's Day

New Year Holiday


St. John the Baptist

Unification Day

Labor Day

Good Friday

Easter Ortodox Sunday

Easter Ortodox Monday

Children's Day

Whitsun Ortodox

Whit Monday Ortodox

Assumption of Mary

St. Andrew Day

National Day

Christmas Day

St. Stephen Day

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