Long-term contracts = long-lasting and long-term transport transactions

  • Novinky
  • 03/05/2018
  • 6920
Long-term contracts = long-lasting and long-term transport transactions

Now a new tool to help you find more easily the transport partners in an extended search area.

We give you the opportunity of partnerships with Romanian and European companies.
Through the 123cargo membership list, the very same BursaTransport for European companies, you can communicate your need for a long-term partnership or you can try the direct approach of a Romanian or European partner.

We remind you that all members of BursaTransport and 123Cargo equally benefit from safety, incident and scoring criteria.

To the already well known "I have a load /Search loads" "I have a Truck / Search trucks" we have added the "under contract" notion. As you are already accustomed, you can easily find the right load or the right truck for an occasional spot transaction. We are now completing this by offering you the opportunity to identify long-term and long-lasting partnerships.

You can specify "traffic" (the searched routes) in more detail in both posting and searching. Furthermore, in the search area you can filter only specific companies from certain countries.

The traffic can be an internal one simply by specifying your country of residence, or you can expand the search by traffic in the European Community (EU) and international traffic -> to and from non-EU countries.

All the filter facilities (traffic, truck type, tonnage, equipment needed) can be found in the Contracts area both in searching and posting. Moreover, the description in English will help you become visible to European partners, and the contract documentation will complete a successful partnership.