123cargo for carriers

123cargo is the perfect tool to find loads for your trucks.

Why use 123cargo?

Finding loads in the freight exchange

123cargo hosts loads on many European routes.

Try new routes

Through our partnerships with Teleroute, you can find in 123cargo loads on Western European routes

Scoring – Forwarder and shipper evaluation

Every company receives scorings based on their 123cargo activity

Find new partners

Finding new partners in Company directory

Advertising your fleet in Company directory

Many forwarders and shippers are using it to find transport companies

Getting money for transport invoices

If you have overdue invoices addressed to other 123cargo members, you can claim it in Payment incidents module. The success rate in the last 12 months was 90%

Safety tips

We offer a guide with a lot of advices to keep you safe when interacting with unknown forwarders and shippers


discuss quickly the conditions and the price of the transport

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