Road distances in Europe

Routes and distances are just estimates and they cannot be relied upon in transport contracts, especially in oversize transport.


Road distances in Europe

Set the departure and arrival points and the most convenient routes for freight will be displayed. This road distance calculator allows you to plan the trip in advance, but also to quickly find another convenient route, in case there are traffic restrictions in the countries you transit. 123cargo offers you a tool suitable for your daily needs, when you plan freight transports in Romania or in Europe.

Road distances in Europe calculated on laptops and mobile devices

Simplify the way you choose to plan your next freight, using the 123cargo road distance tool. From your laptop, tablet or mobile, you can easily and quickly find the information you need, in order to make sure that the freight reaches its destination through the most convenient route. The simple use of this tool on mobile devices gives you the freedom to adapt in real time to actual traffic situations, without depending on an office or other fixed point.

Road distances in Europe: Tool's functionalities

The instrument we provide offers a very good user experience. This is due to several essential aspects: the intuitive interface, which offers more clarity in the process of finding a convenient route; the map that is updated automatically, according to the departure / arrival points introduced in the specific fields; zoom in / zoom out function, which allows an optimal view of a certain road distance from Romania or from the territories of other European countries; suggestions for departure / arrival points when typing the first letters in the fields. Also, the tool for road distances allows you to preset searches according to routes for heavy vehicles and light vehicles, offering the possibility to add intermediate points on the route.

Setting a road distance depending on possible restrictions

When it comes to freight transport, there may be road traffic restrictions in some European countries. Also, some public holidays may block the access of trucks for certain periods of time, thus making it difficult to transport the goods to the destination, if the carrier did not intuit such a scenario in time.

That's why 123cargo offers an efficient mix of tools, offering real-time solutions to carriers facing such situations. On the “Driving Restrictions” page, you can consult the updated list of road bans (depending on the country, weight, holidays), so that the second tool - “Road Distance Calculator” - can then find convenient transport alternatives.

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