123cargo for shippers

123cargo is the perfect tool to find carriers to transport your loads.

Why use 123cargo?

Lower transport costs

receive more offers from more carriers

Find new carriers

16.000 companies are using 123cargo.

Who consulted my load

The consultants list of the own posts can be used when the other transaction resources do not function

Fleet search

Find carriers with a specific type of truck using fleet search in Company directory

Warehouse search

Find warehouses needed to develop the business using warehouse search in company directory

Safety of your load

carriers are checked and scored based on their activity

Incidents reporting

transport incidents can be reported to 123cargo. Carriers creating serious incidents are expelled from the freight exchange

Working with Romanian carriers

you can check online the transport license and truck license

Safety tips

We offer a guide with a lot of advices to keep you safe when interacting with unknown carriers


discuss quickly the conditions and the price of the transport

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