About electronic freight exchanges

What is an electronic freight exchange?

It is software running on the Internet with application in transport of goods. The main application of this software is road transportation, because the road transportation market has the biggest number of operators, due to ease of access to this kind of business.

How does an electronic freight exchange work?

The company who has a load to transport, posts the load description and its route. This is a transport request. The post is consulted by the carriers who are looking for loads to transport. The interested carrier will contact the poster of the load through the freight exchange and will make a transport offer. The reverse process is also possible in 123cargo: the carrier’s posts their trucks in the freight exchange as transport offers, to be consulted by those who have loads to transport. A freight exchange is the place where “the request meets the offer” in the transportation of goods.

What differences are there between various freight exchange programs?

The main difference between exchange programs is the geographic area in which they excel in published cargos to be transported: there are local exchange programs, specific to a country, regional and international exchange programs.

The second difference is the offered liquidity of the exchange program. Through liquidity the total number of requests posted is defined

Furthermore, it must be mentioned: the access to the program is via a fee, the languages in which it can be accessed, the ease of use, etc.

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