In this section, there are published relevant things about the freight - related platform or events. The news is mainly oriented to the community of the user, provided that the user views the pages of the application in the language of his country of residence.

We mention the news archive in Romanian language, which carries the consultant back to the first years of operation of the application, under the name BursaTransport, in Romania.

News - 123cargo

News upon 123cargo starting with 1st of January 2024

Administrative news 15-Dec-2023

Following our business interests, we inform that 123cargo will shut down the discount stated in the list of prices. The decision is based on the end of promotion period which last since a good number ...


Easier posting for return trip of your truck

Product features 04-Oct-2023

  When you post an available truck from A to B, wright after posting, you are invited IF YOU ARE INTERESTED to post the same truck on his return trip, from B to A.   Please take this feature as a f ...


My price, in SEARCH LOADS page

Product features 18-Sep-2023

  To faster evaluate your convenient price for each posted load obtained through a SEARCH LOAD, you have now the option to associate your unit price (eur/km) with the SEARCH LOAD. By consequence, eac ...


Check the bidder’s contact details!

Safety 21-Aug-2023

Warning to load posters!!!!       Recently, in a Western european country, a truck filled with solar pannels dissapeared during the transport. After loading, the thiefs redirected the truck from ...


123cargo launches the 123Fast collection service

Administrative news 01-Aug-2023

Through our partner, invoitix ag (via its subsidiaries), a non-banking financial institution, we offer you a new service designed to support carriers by collecting the invoices before the due date.   ...


Verification of the contact details of the bidder/consultant of the posted load

Safety 13-Jul-2023

  The security of transactions was and is the main concern in 123cargo.   The most frequent cases of disappearance of the load entrusted for transport are carried out by using as a cover, by the pe ...


123cargo scoring. Synchronising the score for contractual conduct as a beneficiary with the history of payment-related incidents

Administrative news 16-Mar-2023

  We hereby inform you about an action taken these days.   Without deleting anything from the payment incidents and without hiding them, we proceeded with the initial filtering on the Payment Incid ...


The Alpega Group puts together all the loads to be transported

Administrative news 08-Mar-2023

    As it is already known from the loads searches, so far, in 123cargo there could be seen and consulted the loads posted in Teleroute. They are marked in the loads list with the  symbol. In its tu ...


Predefined messages and sound notifications in 123cargo chat

Product features 09-Nov-2022

  For a faster communication of the details related to a certain load, starting today, 09th of November 2022, you can use some predefined messages in the chat. After starting the discussion on the l ...

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