Again about fraud. False identity similar to a real identity



We return with a spectacular example: we received from a fraud investigator in road freight transport the information that in a transport offer made in order to steal goods after loading, was used the following e-mail address by the thieves

Specially created, on 15 June 2021, just to resemble with

Which is the address of a real company whose identity was used by the thief who pretended to be a representative of the company DKR POLSKA Sp Zoo.


How do we protect ourselves from such situations? Either we no longer use the transport exchange apps, or we use them professionally. Regarding 123cargo, we check, first and foremost, whether the company DKR POLSKA has consulted our cargo announcement or not. If it consulted it, through the same contact person as the one who sent you the offer, continue the negotiation. However, if DKR POLSKA is not on the list of consultants, continuing the discussion with the bidder implies a risk that you fully undertake.


You can always consult these details in the safety tabs that we provide.