Check the bidder’s contact details!

Safety |  21-Aug-2023

Warning to load posters!!!!




Recently, in a Western european country, a truck filled with solar pannels dissapeared during the transport. After loading, the thiefs redirected the truck from the expected unloading location. The thiefs did succeed by taking the appearance of an real company; they sent the transport offer from:


tarkan.transport@gmail.comaddress conceived in theft purpose, quite ressembling to

tarkantransportbv@gmail.comreal email of the company

The thiefs succesfully took the appearance of the real company. Thiefs succesfully used a fake identity.


123cargo extends a safety tool offered to load posters. To check the bidder’s contact details (copy&paste as you have them) as soon as contact details are coming from an unknown transport company which offers a transport service. To be used especially when the transport company is from a foreign country.


The safety tool is CHECK THE CARRIER! in the LOADS menu. We suggest to check both email addresses from above and see comprehensive diagnosis.


Please email us at when you avoided a theft attempt!



123cargo team

Check the bidder’s contact details!
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