Conditions for drugs transport and delivery



The optimal distribution of medicines is based on a well-developed logistics, described by transports that strictly respect the norms in force. For example, refrigerated transport solutions are a determining factor in maintaining optimal drug storage conditions.


But what exactly does "Drug Transport" mean? We can discuss firstly of a well-defined niche of specialized carriers, which operates according to the legislation in force - European Directive 92/25 / EEC of 31 March 1992. This legal provision is joined by "Good practice guidelines for the distribution and transport of medicines" ". Therefore, taking into account these two essential legislative elements, the operators that ensure the transport of medicines must know the following essential conditions of such a delivery:


Supply of medicines

If a legal person wishes to carry out a certain transport of medicines, it must consider the fact that such a delivery can be made only under the conditions in which it is accompanied by a specific documentation, depending on the legal provisions.


It is recommended to collaborate with those carriers that can guarantee the safety of medicines against damage, contamination and theft. Moreover, those who transport medicines and other pharma products by road must guarantee special spaces for maintaining an optimal temperature, within the limits accepted by the European legislation in force.


A vehicle intended for the transport of medicines must ensure the collection, transport and delivery of medicines to the addressee, being equipped with systems for maintaining and monitoring the humidity / temperature of medicines, according to the manufacturer's recommendations (even in low temperature / 2-8 ° C ).


During such transport, the medicines are stored according to the pre-established conditions. The conditions of transport of medicines can be communicated directly by the manufacturer or can be found on the outer packaging of the products.


It is recommended that carriers provide vehicles that can transport medicines in optimal conditions, so as to avoid exposing the products to conditions that could affect both their quality and their packaging.


Moreover, it is recommended (but not mandatory) that drug carriers can provide evidence that the temperature monitoring equipment in storage spaces is calibrated at least twice a year.


Given that the delivery of medicines includes stages such as loading, unloading, reloading in a transit node, the person responsible for their delivery must pay special attention to monitoring the temperature, hygiene and stability of the structure of any intermediate storage infrastructure.


Storage during the transport of medicines

Storage spaces (containers, temporary packaging, etc.) must not generate absolutely any negative impact on the quality of the environment, while providing an optimal level of safety against external factors.


The criteria for establishing the containers / packaging are the following:


- The optimal space for safe storage of medicines;

- Expected outdoor temperatures for transport duration;

- Estimated times by the carrier (loading / unloading can also be included here);

- Other special requirements for storage and transport of medicines.


Last but not least, the carrier must guarantee that all containers and packaging used for the storage of medicines, throughout the period of their delivery, contain a series of relevant information:


- Clear specifications for transport, handling and storage;

- Precautions for personnel handling goods;

- Information on the contents of the containers, as well as the origin of the content.


Transport of medicines under special conditions

There are also a number of drugs that involve special transport and storage measures. This category consists of narcotics and psychotropic substances, which require additional security conditions, according to the provisions in force.


If the transported drugs impose special climatic conditions, the carrier must provide adequate equipment for such a load. We are talking about: special thermal packaging, vehicles that guarantee a storage space with controlled temperature, etc.


Vlad Vrinceanu, DWF - 123cargo partner