In 123Cargo we discourage the overposting loads



Usually, about 20% of the posted loads are duplicates of the original ones. A small group of companies overuses the technique of overposting with the purpose of placing their posts in the consultant’s attention. We consider these mechanisms deeply harmful for consultants, who eventually get tired of seeing the same transport requests of the same posters with some small variations of parameters. Although the Terms and Conditions stipulates that any posted load must exist and be unique, and that overposting may lead to losing the membership for 123Cargo, unfortunately this technique is used regularly.


Today we are implementing the first and least harmful measure that will be applied in the coming weeks to protect the consulting carriers from overposters:



When activating the automatic refresh, the original posted loads are marked with a red circle and a red border, and those that come from minor changes on the loads already posted, are marked with the small red arrow pointing upwards and the red border is removed. As seen in the screen shot above.


This way the consultant is warned and has the possibility of avoiding unfolding and already seen post belonging to the same poster.


Through the series of measures that will be taken for cleaning up the list of loads, 123Cargo is in a rare position, if not unique, in which a freight exchange fines his own posters. Accepting this risk, we are confident that the measure will be benefical: quality matters, not quantity.



123Cargo Administration