More countries, the same freight exchange


More countries, the same freight exchange


Romanians say Marfuri.

Bulgarians say Товари.

Hungarians say Rakomány.

Polish say Ładunki.

Serbian say Robe.

But they all use the same freight exchange:

As maybe you already know, 123cargo is not a start-up. It was founded 17 years ago in Romania under the name BursaTransport. BursaTransport has more than 16000 members of which 15000 from Romania and hosts 5 million loads yearly.


What is the connection between BursaTransport and 123cargo?


BursaTransport is 123cargo!


·         the same freight exchange

·         the same  database of members

·         the same loads and trucks

The only difference is the name shown on the computer screen: 123cargo internationally and BursaTransport in Romania (because of the 16 years tradition in Romania).

Am I a BursaTransport member?

 Yes, if you are a 123cargo user. It is the same platform. For example, a Romanian client of the freight exchange will see you in   BursaTransport companies directory (which is the same as 123cargo companies directory).

 I received a phonecall from a Romanian company from BursaTransport. How can I check that company?

 You check it in 123cargo companies directory. 123cargo is BursaTransport and you can check here any Romanian company.

     In what languages can I discuss with customers from other countries?

       On each user profile you can see their spoken languages. Did you fill in your spoken languages in your user profile?

          Can I find a cross-docking warehouse in Romania?
           Yes, in 123cargo companies directory. You can searc h for warehouses or fleets by selecting the type of warehouse or the truck type and the country you are interested in. We reccomend you to fill in your fleets and warehouses. You can receive a call from one of the 16000 members of 123cargo/BursaTransport from Romania or from another country.


Why is important for me that  123cargo/BursaTransport is market leader in Romania?

New opportunities. Acces to Romanian market. New possibilities of partnerships.


Do you have questions related to BursaTransport?

 Please call us at the following number +40.312.292.008