NEW! Better visibility on companies with payment incidents


Following the several requests received from carriers to ensure a better visibility on companies with payment incidents, starting with 27 October 2021, 123cargo will remove the scoring of the company that has more than 4 payment incidents in processing and will keep only the mention “more than 4 payment incidents in processing”.


The removal of the scoring will be done both in the cargo publishing section – when viewing the published cargo – and in the company’s pop-up – but also in the company’s public profile.


Therefore, if you are preparing to offer transport services to a company that published the cargo, the direct display of the message “more than 4 payment incidents in processing can provide you with important information on the posting company.


Below you can find examples in images:


1)      Remove scoring on company’s public profile 


2)      Remove scoring on cargo viewing



3)      Remove scoring in the company’s pop-up from cargo viewing



With this measure we warn the carriers about a possible delay in the payment of invoices before the payment incidents are published in the company profile.


Once the payment incidents are paid or there is a decrease in the number of incidents in processing, the scoring will be displayed again.


123cargo Administration