Overposting transport requests and 123cargo’s attitude towards this phenomenon



We inform you that in Romania, due to 123cargo’s position as market leader among the freight exchanges, we faced the phenomenon of overposting of loads (transport requests).


Overposting means the republishing of a load to be transported (transport request) with the purpose to place the request on top of the list of available posted loads. Consequently, one real and single load may be published multiple times, with insignificant changes.


Overposting is an abuse to the consulting carriers and the automatic refresh mechanism facilitates the exercise of this abuse.


After a thorough analysis of the phenomenon of loads overposting, the 123cargo team concluded that about 20% of the loads with loading/ unloading in Romania are overposted. 123cargo decided to take action against this habit.


The measure taken is the implementation of a fully automated mechanism that monitors the posting activity of the users of each active company. When the mechanism finds that a company has abused of overposting, it first warns the users on the abuse, and at the first repetition, it radicalizes the conditions that the loads must meet when attempting to post, making publishing more difficult and by way of consequence, reducing the quantity of loads overposted by the temporarily penalised company. Then things come back to normal for the penalised company. On the next abuse, the company is again warned, then penalised, and finally excluded from 123cargo for the repeated failure to comply with the terms and conditions.


Given that out of about 3,000 forwarders (posting loads), only a few dozen abuse the overposting mechanism, the 123cargo team unequivocally positions itself in favour of the thousands of consulting carriers and against a few abusive posting entities.


We note that now, 123cargo is the first freight exchange to take action against the publication of loads (considered unreal), which we hope will be appreciated by our subscribers.


We want quality and not quantity.


The 123cargo team