Payment incidents in 123cargo


Payment incidents in 123cargo
Case Study
We had recently an example of declared payment incident not using the 123cargo module of payment incident.
A well- known company with business connection on the Romanian market was found in a position to have unpaid invoices by the Romanian partner, 6 months over the due date.
Few days ago, after unsuccessful actions the transport company decided to act against Romanian company knowing that 123cargo helps companies in this situation, they didn’t follow the steps recommended by 123cargo and decided to contact a third-party company with 123cargo connections.
Not following the usual steps of declaring the payment incident after due date of the invoice and reaching us through a 3rd party was time consuming by the transporter and lead to a cash flow problem.
We manage to recover the money for the transport company, but it could be done sooner only by following the usual steps of declaring a free payment incident on 123cargo, incidents that are included in all subscriptions.

Declaring a payment incident in 123cargo in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Declare the incident after due date. Don’t wait months to be solved!  Send specific documents to clarify the incident to 123cargo: transport order or transport contract, the CMR letter and the of course, the invoice.
Step 2 123cargo Administration verify all the documents and confirm the declaration within few business hours.
Step 3 The claimed company is notified about the payment incident by 123cargo Administration.
During 8 days, the claimed company might shut down the incident by paying the invoice or might protest with their own reasons. In case that they are responsible, 123cargo deny the enlisting of the payment incident. If no other reaction happens, the incident is enlisted after these 8 days and the incident affect the claimer history in 123cargo
When you can declare a payment incident.

The payment incident can be declared next day after the due date.
Why is 123cargo a safe market place?

2017 history at a glance:
Concerning the load theft
  • 5.760.495 published loads in BursaTransport (Romanian name of 123cargo)
  • Only two load thefts situation reported, totally recovered with 123cargo assistance.
  • 0,00003% chances for your load to be theft by using 123cargo

Difficulties in transport invoice collection
  • 13.193 claims
  • 10.926 of the claims conciliated in maximum 8 days
  • 82,82% chances that your overdue collection to be conciliated through 123cargo
  • The claim of a payment incident is included in subscription fee (free service)