The Alpega Group puts together all the loads to be transported

Administrative news |  08-Mar-2023



As it is already known from the loads searches, so far, in 123cargo there could be seen and consulted the loads posted in Teleroute. They are marked in the loads list with the  symbol. In its turn, 123cargo used to send its loads to Teleroute. The consultation of the loads from Teleroute was included in the subscription cost, with the note that Teleroute was sending only a part of its loads to 123cargo.


Today, 123cargo together with the freight exchanges Teleroute (the oldest working European freight exchange) and Wtransnet  (a market leader in the Iberian Peninsula) is part of the Alpega group. Alpega’s mission is to participate in digitisation of the road transports.


Alpega Group has decided to make available the loads posted for transport in any of the 3 freight exchanges to all users, regardless of the freight exchange the user is currently subscribed to.



As a result of this initiative, the loads posted in our platform will be named 123cargo loads and the loads from Teleroute and Wtransnet will be named Alpega loads.


Thus, when searching mainly for the Central-Eastern Europe (e.g. Germany - Romania), most of the posted loads come from 123cargo. For a West-West connection (e.g. Germany - the Netherlands/France/Italy) most of the posted loads come from Teleroute. And for the connections between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe, the available loads come from Wtransnet.


Reciprocally, a load posted on 123cargo will be available for consultation also in Teleroute and Wtransnet.


Given Alpega’s preoccupation for the safety of the transactions concluded through their own freight exchanges, the consultation (not viewing!) of Alpega’s loads in 123cargo will be subject to certain eligibility requirements that the consultant must meet. Thus, in order to access the Alpega loads consultation service, the company must cumulatively meet the following requirements:

  1. It should have access with a valid subscription to 123cargo
  2. It should have at least 6 months of activity on 123cargo
  3. It should have loaded in Company documents a valid transport or forwarding license
  4. It should have a maximum rating (5 stars) in its contracts as a supplier (123cargo rating)


These requirements are imposed by the standards applied in the Alpega freight exchanges, to which 123cargo aligns itself.


The activation of the Alpega loads consultation service will be made on request and by activating the service, all the subscribed company’s users will have access to consult the Alpega loads during their current subscription.


In addition to load exchange, it will be also possible to check each other’s profile in the Members’ List, the 123cargo members being able to see the Teleroute and Wtransnet customers, but also vice-versa.


Also the facilities already existing in 123cargo, such as the guarantee of the transport invoice, the  payment incidents mediation, the chat with automatic translation, will be available for access also when dealing with Teleroute or Wtransnet companies.




To conclude, we want to underline that Alpega is the only entity that brings together 3 freight exchanges. With Alpega’s new loads consultation service, the companies interested in international loads are relieved from subscribing to 2 or 3 freight exchanges, having access to their loads right in the 123cargo application.


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The Alpega Group puts together all the loads to be transported
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