Theft using a fake identity


We inform about a real situation happened in Denmark. The real and respectable company DANFOSS A/S was used by a fake forwarder to obtain transport services from carriers which he never payed. In this purpose:


  • The real email server
  • Was simulated by the thief as and


The thief spent effort to mislead carriers, making them believe that they will transport for real DANFOSS company. Usually, these replaced email addresses in communication look like: instead real a fake address


We remind you our warnings and recommendations mentioned in the Safety pages: to always check the phone number or the email address of your pretending future partner in the company profile. If ignored, despite our effort to keep away thieves using electronic platforms, you, forwarders, could be victims of fake carriers and your load will disappear after loading, or you, carriers, will transport without being payed for your operations.


Stay safe by operating 123cargo in a professional manner.


123cargo team