Video surveillance system for truck: Its importance and essential criteria for its purchase



A video surveillance system installed on a truck contributes to the significant reduction of some real problems: thefts from truck wagons, vandalism, violation of traffic rules, etc.


Moreover, the images captured by the video systems, installed on the entire fleet of vehicles of a transport operator, represent evidence that can quickly clarify a whole series of cases, both in an internal investigation and in the event of a trial.


There are plenty of smart cameras and systems for monitoring the truck, both on the roads and in the parking areas. They can be installed on board, in certain areas of the cabin, outside and inside the truck.


How do we choose a video system for a truck?

Here are the most important criteria for choosing a high-performance video system:


1. Storage of the captured video frames

There are 3 storage options for videos captured by truck video systems:

- On memory cards;

- On micro-SD cards;

- Automatically, in a digital space as Cloud *

* - The last option does not involve the manual intervention of the driver on the respective vehicle, in order to start / stop the operation of the video gear monitoring system.


2. Installation methods in the truck spaces

There are several methods of setting the camcorders in order to monitor the activity of the truck, but the most popular on (due to its ease of use) is using a suction cup.


3. The resolution of the provided images

Another important aspect to keep in mind when choosing the video system for monitoring the fleet of vehicles you manage: the maximum resolution of the video cameras.


A very good clarity of the image is necessary, in case of analyzing a possible incident, occurred either in traffic or in a parking area of the vehicle. Camcorders with WDR lenses and Full HD resolution are recommended (capture license plates without any problems).


Types of video cameras for trucks

Designed for visibility and safety, truck camcorders capture essential details for carriers. Here are the most popular models:


1. Dash cam

Already famous, they are easily mounted on the windshield of the truck, providing a clear picture of the traffic in which the vehicle operates. Depending on the chosen model, the cameras offer a whole series of functions: high battery life, Full HD filming, automatic saving in the Cloud, etc.


2. Multi-camera systems

This type of video system guarantees a unique 360 ​​° perspective, offering real-time images with absolutely all possible angles. The driver always knows everything that happens around his truck, while he is in traffic. Thus, unwanted road events caused by so-called blind spots can be avoided, as these multi-camera systems offer optimal visibility on a display in the cabin.


3. Indoor cameras

Mounted in the cabin or the trailer, these cameras offer valuable information in case of theft or vandalism. Their installation contributes to increasing the security of the cargo, recording 24 hours a day, regardless of the context.


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Vlad Vrinceanu, DWF - 123cargo partner