Winner of the poster contest in May

We are happy to announce, that the winner of our poster contest in May is  Nieselberger Zsófia. Congratulations!
She received from 123cargo a voucher for 80000 HUF to spend at a prestigious online shop and the company will have a banner display on 123cargo site free of charge, for one month.
"The company Smith & Berger was founded in 2011, we are a member of 123cargo since 2017. Most of our loads to and from Eastern Hungary can be easily managed by this freight exchange, and it also helped establishing close cooperation with many other member companies. If we couldn’t manage a load with other, more well-known freight exchanges, with 123cargo we could  almost always find the right solution. "
We truly appreciate everyone who participated in our contest and watch out for the next one.
KEEP POSTING ON 123CARGO! You just might be the next winner!