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About electronic freight exchanges
What is an electronic freight exchange?

It is software running on the Internet with application in transport of goods. The main application of this software is road transportation, because the road transportation market has the biggest number of operators, due to ease of access to this kind of business.

How does an electronic freight exchange work?

The company who has a load to transport, posts the load description and its route. This is a transport request. The post is consulted by the carriers who are looking for loads to transport. The interested carrier will contact the poster of the load through the freight exchange and will make a transport offer. The reverse process is also possible in 123cargo: the carrier’s posts their trucks in the freight exchange as transport offers, to be consulted by those who have loads to transport. A freight exchange is the place where “the request meets the offer” in the transportation of goods.

What differences are there between various freight exchange programs?

The main difference between exchange programs is the geographic area in which they excel in published cargos to be transported: there are local exchange programs, specific to a country, regional and international exchange programs.

The second difference is the offered liquidity of the exchange program. Through liquidity the total number of requests posted is defined

Furthermore, it must be mentioned: the access to the program is via a fee, the languages in which it can be accessed, the ease of use, etc.


Advantages and risks of freight exchange
Who needs a freight exchange?

The forwarders need a freight exchange to enlarge their carrier list and to find the best transport solution. Their daily work is simplified by posting the loads into the freight exchange because they do not need to call the carriers any more, the carriers will call to get the transportation deal. From the freight exchange point of view, the forwarders are the posters.

The second category of freight exchange clients are the carriers. They use the freight exchange to find a load when they have no transportation orders from their current clients. It’s also another way to make business when they totally count on the freight exchange to find loads for transportation. The freight exchange refers to  them as consultants – of the loads posted by forwarders.

The third category of client is the merchants and manufacturers who have a limited operation of transport which they decide to process themselves instead of applying to a forwarding company. Many of the freight exchanges do not permit access to this category of client, to protect the forwarders. But 123cargo welcomes this type of customer – and for very good reasons!

What is the main advantage of a freight exchange?

For forwarders, merchants and manufacturers, the main advantage of a freight exchange is the access to a large number of transport suppliers with minimum communication costs. By posting a load once, the load can be consulted in the following few minutes, byaround 500 carriers (consultants). With the freight exchange they achieve the same result as they would by calling 500 different carriers to find the transport solution.

For carriers, the freight exchange offers the opportunity to have a selection of a large number of customers.

Which is the main risk of a freight exchange?

The main risk of any remote close of a deal, by electronic means, leaves the feeling of uncertainty regarding the partner. This risk might be mitigated by both, the freight exchange and the users of the freight exchange.

The freight exchange itself, and we consider here 123cargo, takes as first mission in serving its customers to offer a Safe Market Place. By checking the access of new subscribed companies. By offering scores for all the companies. By immediately eliminating from the freight exchange all those who might put at risk the other customers.

The users of the freight exchange have to protect themselves against signing with inappropriate partners by following internal procedures in their companies. If these procedures do not exist, these procedures should be implemented or at the very least, by following the safety rules recommended by 123cargo.


123cargo, BursaTransport and Teleroute
What is BursaTransport?

BursaTransport is the name given to 123cargo for its Romanian users.

Why are two names required for the same freight exchange?

BursaTransport is the original freight exchange, launched in 2001 in Romania. 123cargo is the simplified freight exchange, launched in 2013.

The huge number of customers in Romania forced us to develop some sophisticated services in BursaTransport.

123cargo offers a pack of essential features as per the original BursaTransport.

Which is the connection between 123cargo and BursaTransport?

The bond is complete. The loads to be carried and the available trucks are common lists between the two interfaces of the same application.

The two different interfaces of the same software run on the same database.

What is Teleroute?

Teleroute is one of the major European freight exchange applications which is being placed like BursaTransport in the ownership of Transport Service (TS). Because of the non-competing situation between the two applications, after acquisition of BursaTransport by TS in 2008, the decision of a liquidity change (freights to be transported) in real time between Teleroute and BursaTransport was made.


123cargo companies and users
How can I register my company in 123cargo?

By accessing the Register tab. It is a 1-2-3 steps registration during which you should provide information about your company and yourself.

Can I register in both 123cargo and BursaTransport?

No, it is not possible: Non Romanian resident companies will register with 123cargo, while the Romanian companies will register with BursaTransport.

How many users can I define for my company in a subscription?

As many as you want, all users are included in the same subscription.

When does my company pay the 123cargo subscription?

The 123cargo subscriptions are prepaid services. You will process the payment based on the proforma invoice that you get yourself from 123cargo. The invoice for the payment is delivered on the collection day.

What is the difference between an account and a user?

There is no difference.

How do I proceed if I want to register a new user?

A new user is defined by accessing My Account > Company Profile -> Add contact person


Company profile in 123cargo
How do I change my declared e-mail address?

In My Account -> My profile

Who should I mention as contact persons in the company?

You should register all those who are using 123cargo. The more detailed you describe these persons, the more comfortable will  your future partners be by getting in touch with your company.

In medium and large companies, the person taking responsibility of the supplier’s payments is usually not the same person as the planner. Offering direct access to this person by 123cargo is a proof of trustworthiness and respect for your company.

What does the “function” attribute of the contact person mean?

It is an addition to the ‘’position’’ description. In the workplace, there can be more employees with the same roles but with different responsibilities: i.e. on the same role of the sender there can be 2 employees, one could handle national transport (function= national transport), and the other could handle international transport and maybe there is another colleague who is in charge of groupage. By mentioning these details you increase the accessibility of your company.

What is the difference between the location telephone numbers and those of the contact person?

Telephone numbers (landline, mobiles, etc.) are common to all the contact persons from the specific location. Personal phones are only for the contact of a particular person.


123cargo subscription
How do I pay the company subscription?

There are 2 kinds of subscriptions in 123cargo (6 months and 12 months) which include access for all the users of the company. 123cargo is a prepaid service. You can download yourself a proforma invoice. The subscription is activated on the collection day and on the same day the invoice is delivered electronically.

If a current subscription exists already for the company, the new subscription is activated at the end of the current one.


123cargo suspensions
For what reasons can the company’s access be banned?

For fraud, for not repeatedly respecting the conditions of the site, and in case that the company represent a commercial risk for the other users of the site.


Payment incidents
What is the purpose of this list?

The list is an internal warning list of 123cargo. It prevents all the subscribers with collection difficulties reported by the members. The difficulties reported are sustained by standard documents: transport contract, CMR letter and invoice. The declarations are processed by own responsibility in order to prevent the other subscribers. It is a voluntary contribution to a safer market place of transportation.

Which is the difference between a payment delay and a payment incident?

A payment delay is a payment which has not been settled within the maximum 60 days since its due date. If the debt is not settled in 60 days the late payment becomes a payment incident. In other words the delay is minor and the incident is major.

Why did you choose 60 days from the due date to differentiate a late payment from a payment incident?

From consideration applied by debt recovering companies, who generally consider a case to be approachable only after 60 days of delay.

Which is the flow of a payment incident declaration in 123cargo?

The first step belongs to the declaring subscriber. He declares and documents the incident with a transport order or transport contract, the CMR letter and the invoice. The second step is for the 123cargo Administration who check that the documents confirm the declaration. The third step is for the claimed company, who is informed by the Administration on the claim declared against it. During 8 days, the claimed company might shut down the incident by paying the invoice or might protest with their own reasons. In case that they are responsible, 123cargo deny the enlisting of the payment incident. If no other reaction happens, the incident is enlisted after these 8 days and the incident affect the claimer history in 123cargo.

From which moment can I declare a payment incident?

The payment incident can be declared next day after the due date.


Transport incidents
What is a transport incident?

A transport incident is a occurrence produced by the carrier against the transport contract or against the good service practices.

What documents are required to declare a transport incident?

The minimum documentation is represented by the transport order. Unfortunately, it is difficult to document transport incidents, so that any document which can support the claimer’s declaration is taken in consideration.


How to evaluate partners with 123cargo
What is the 123cargo scoring?

It represents an original measurement system of user’s actions for each subscriber in the freight exchange. On a scale from zero to ten, zero is the minimum performance and ten is the maximum performance. Each one’s score is reported to the maximum score. The score is visually represented by stars: no star for zero action, four stars for maximum action. If there is not enough activity to evaluate in stars, the stars are replaced by “N/A” notice. The stars are possibly accompanied by downward or upward arrows showing the recent trend of the score. The scoring is constituted by 5 different scores. These scores are calculated daily in an automatic procedure for all subscribers older than one month in the freight exchange. 

What does each of the 5 scores mean?

Forwarding activity: measures how heavy the forwarding actions of the subscriber are: posting loads and consulting trucks. Zero stars mean very poor activity, 4 stars mean heaviest activity. The actions are counted by the company; more users, heavier activity.

Carrier activity: counts the load consultations and truck postings

Trustworthiness as customer: the score counts the average payment delay days by posted loads. Four stars are for the subscribers who respect the due date, zero stars are for companies with cash flow problems. The score is based only on payment delays and incidents reported to the 123cargo/BursaTransport. The “N/A” notice means there is not enough forwarding activity to calculate the score.

Trustworthiness as carrier: the score is lowered by transport incidents declared against the company. The “N/A” notice means not enough activity as carrier on 123cargo to calculate.

123cargo score: a high score is obtained for heavy activity on 123cargo and for a detailed company profile filled in behalf of all subscribers

How do I check if a company has a payment incident history?

In Company directory search the company by name or VAT number. In company’s profile found there are mentioned the incidents if available. Also you can search by VAT or company name in Payment Incidents tab.

How to evaluate a company consulting its company profile

We recommend paying attention first to the 123cargo scoring, than to registration date in 123cargo, to company’s founding year and transport licenses.


Security measures using a freight exchange
I have doubts about the one I have on the line and offers himself to transport my load. How can I make some checks?

When someone calls and offers his truck to transport your load, if you do not know him, it is good to follow these pieces of advice.

Take your time and note the name, the phone number and the company name. We  advice you to  check the caller via the company profile. It is mandatory to find the name and phone number enlisted inside here. If you find no record, forget about the  offer. It could be someone who will attempt to steal your load with a truck with false license plates. This is the heaviest risk you have to deal with in remote transportation deals.

The more security measures that you can take, even if you find the company in the company profile the better. A regular company has a fax number. If they have an internet site, for sure they have also a mailing server: when there is no fax number and an email using yahoo/gmail as an address,  are circumstances which warn you to pay more attention. Also, when you receive emails or fax messages from the company interested in your load, check these numbers and email addresses are matching the ones on his company profile.

In any case do not take the transportation offer without these checks.

I prepare to confirm the transport of a load with my truck. How can I avoid an dishonest client?

First check his 123cargo scoring, especially his Trustworthiness as customer score. If the company does not have a four stars score they might have some reported payment delays.

Then check that the company sending the transport order is the same with the company who published the load. If you confirm the transport on behalf of another company, you take considerable risk of a future delayed payment.

The last but not the least, read through carefully  the entire transport order to avoid surprises and abusive terms.


Posting and searching loads
What is the meaning of “Lasting” section?

When publishing a load, it means how many days after the loading date the load is available if not erased from 123cargo by the owner.

What is the meaning of “Floor’’ section?

It’s to describe how many metres long of a truck floor standard wide, will occupy the load in the truck. This is optional information which might help the carriers to organize groupage.

What is the meaning ofthe “request groupage’’ checkbox?

When publishing a load it means that the owner is interested by a grouped transport offer (LTL), instead of renting the whole truck (FTL).

What is the meaning of “Private comment” section”?

These is information for owner use if needed, they are never published.

What is the meaning of LOAD TEMPLATES in 123cargo?

Posters can register for easy reposting those load templates which are currently used in 123cargo. These templates are registered while publishing a load, by using the SAVE command.

What does the “Enlarge search” command do?

By using again the same filtering elements, 123cargo rebuilds the list of answers considering as reasonable a bigger relocation of the truck.

What does the “Automatic refresh” checkbox?

Through a push technology, the consultant receives new convenient answers according to his search, posted after he operated his search command.

What does it mean when answers given in a SEARCH with a “FROM” or “DESTINATION” section is empty?

When Destination section is left empty in a search, you’ll get all the posts available in the From place. And vice-versa.

How does it work for a search with loads of different groupage status?

When FTL status is selected, 123cargo selects the loads framing between 50% and 110% of the filter values. When the LTL status is used, the filter values are used as maximum values, with tones section exception, which might be filtered as a frame (minimum and maximum limits).


Posting and searching trucks
Which are the mandatory sections to post a truck?

The mandatory sections are marked with a small red star on their labels.

Why are there alternate destinations when posting the truck?

The truck posting form offers up to 5 alternative routes (5 destinations) for the same truck. To ease the posting of the truck.

What do FTL and LTL mean?

FULL TRUCK LOAD, complete truck.

LESS TRUCK LOAD, groupage.

How does a search for trucks with different groupage status work?

When FTL status is selected, 123cargo selects the trucks framing between 80% and 170% of the filter values. When the LTL status is used, the filter values are used as minimum values.


Companies directory
What can I search in the companies directory?

Strings or substrings of: company names, contact persons, company profiles. Also search of the phone numbers of the companies, by using the complete number with country code. Try is by finding your own phone number.

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