123cargo launches the 123Fast collection service

Administrative news |  01-Aug-2023

Through our partner, invoitix ag (via its subsidiaries), a non-banking financial institution, we offer you a new service designed to support carriers by collecting the invoices before the due date.


Practically, if you need the value of an invoice before the due date, invoitix ag will pay the invoiced amount in 24 to 48 hours, from which it will withhold a financing fee depending on the financing volume and the due date of the invoices. Later, when the invoices are due, INVOITIX will take care of collecting them from your customer.  


Advantages of purchasing the service:


  • 123Fast collection turns invoicing with payment on time into invoicing with payment upon unloading
  • You can accept the due dates requested by your customers without worrying about financing your activity until collection
  • You rid yourself of the phone calls and communications undertaken in order to collect the invoice, including of declaring the payment incident

How does the service work?


  • YOU ENTRUST the invoicing of the transport services provided for your customer to INVOITIX.
  • INVOITIX takes over the task of INVOICING to the customer and of MONITORING the collection on time, without additional costs
  • Do you need a quick collection? Nothing simpler, choose an invoice from those already issued and, for a fee, you have the money in your account in 48 hours.


For more details please access the page «123Fast collection».


* INVOITIX is the leading digital invoicing platform in Europe. Their services include invoice generating and management, receivables management and cash flow optimisation for road transport and logistics companies across Europe. The SOLUTIONS of INVOITIX provide these companies with cash and protection against the insolvency risk of their contractors.


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123cargo launches the 123Fast collection service
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