A new service available to members: SMS notifications

Starting from today, September 28, we launch a new service for our clients: the possibility to receive SMS notifications.
For everyone, the cell phone is a must and its benefits are endless. That's why we’ve implemented for you:
  • Notification by SMS when a suitable freight appears for your published truck
  • Securing accounts in 123cargo by double authentication 
Notification for a suitable freight
When you publish your truck, you can receive notification messages when the right freight appears for you - depending on the criteria you have specified. This is very simple by checking the notification box via SMS
Double authentication consists of linking your mobile phone number with your 123cargo account user and password. To log in to the application, you will need, not only to use the user and password, but to provide the code that you receive on your mobile phone.
This way, if your login details are copied without your agreement (for example a phishing attack), the use of your account becomes impossible for the thief as he misses your cell phone when he tries to log in.
Your account will be visibly marked to all other users that you are using double authentication. If all your company users use this service, then the COMPANY will be marked as using the service.

Benefits of double authentication:
  • Significantly increases the confidence of other users that your identity is correct and real
  • Zero risk that someone else logs on your name in 123cargo (this is the way to steal, fortunately very rarely, loads with trucks with fake plate numbers using false identity)