Blacklist – the new service for customized searches



Over-postingthe multiple posting of the same load in similar versions – is a phenomenon that has grown in the last period, but 123cargo is trying to discourage it.


Along with the tools already available to our users, we have implemented a new service:



The service can only be managed on the responsive website (applicable also in the old version) and is intended for loads and trucks consultants and, in the same time, allows posters to publish the same as always.


In order to use this service, access “The company blacklist” in the responsive website dashboard. When adding a poster to the blacklist, the company’s posts (loads or trucks) will no longer be visible for any of your company’s users.


The company remains in you blacklist until any user of the company will delete it. For safety and transparency, the system will keep the user’s name and the date that adds or deletes a company in or from the list.



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