Company and vehicle documents available to your partners in the company profile




Following the idea suggested by the users, we implemented in the company profile the Company Documents section. Starting today, 21st of July 2020, you have the possibility to scan and upload, in the company profile, those documents that are required by your partners before contracting a transport order. Thus, they will be able to download the interested documents, so you do not have to send them repeatedly by e-mail.

The documents we took into consideration are:


Company documents


  • Registration Certificate
  • Fiscal registration certificate
  • Transport license
  • Shipping license
  • Insurance of civil liability
  • Any other type of company document


Vehicle documents


  • Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle transport license copy
  • Vehicle rental contract
  • CMR insurance
  • Any other type of vehicle document


The above categories are only suggested, it is your decision whether to upload and which to upload. You can also publish pictures of your vehicles.


The security of your documents is ensured by the automatic addition of a watermark on any downloaded copy. This watermark proves who and when downloaded it without the possibility of deletion.


The consultation of your documents, by other users, can be done by opening the company profile: from the published loads or trucks, or from the list of companies.


This new feature is included in any subscription without any additional costs.


You can upload the documents in the new responsive layout with a demo here in a short video.


The login to 123cargo is done automatically to the responsive layout but you can go back, any time, to the old theme with the “Back to old version” button.


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