New CHAT version on 123cargo

Product features |  08-Dec-2021


The CHAT, as an instant communicator, makes operational communication between users easier compared to email and especially to telephone. What’s new in the version we provide:


  1. Generous on-page organisation, similar to WhatsApp
  2. Automatic translation at destination, to the language currently used by the recipient
  3. The possibility to communicate via chat with Teleroute members also


The second innovation must be explained: 123cargo users (the non-resident users in Romania) use the platform in any of the following languages: Romanian (for the Republic of Moldova), Bulgarian, Hungarian and English (for the other countries not mentioned so far). Therefore, if you are addressing a Romanian, for example, write directly in English and the Romanian will receive / read your message in Romanian (the default language assigned for Romanian accounts). When he/she answers, he/she will write in Romanian and you will receive an answer translated into English.


How to use the Chat application on 123cargo

First of all, it's important to be able to receive notifications when the chat window isn't active. For this it is necessary to obtain the notification permission both from the chat window and from the browser, permission that is requested when you open the new chat version.


You found a proper load for your truck? Just click on the chat bullet from the load unfold as you can see below:



Next step => in the chat window write in your language the message and you partner will receive it in the language assigned for its country or in the language he has chosen to work on 123cargo.



The old messages (history) will be imported into the new chat by the end of December.


With this new version of CHAT, we eliminate the language barriers between our members!


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New CHAT version on 123cargo
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