Verification of the contact details of the bidder/consultant of the posted load

Safety |  13-Jul-2023


The security of transactions was and is the main concern in 123cargo.


The most frequent cases of disappearance of the load entrusted for transport are carried out by using as a cover, by the perpetrator of the theft, the name and data of an existing and honourable transport company. The vulnerability of the victims consists in the easiness with which they accept the transport offer without verifying the authenticity of the bidder.


Among the protection tools, against such a situation, made available by 123cargo, were:

  • The list of consultants for own loads/trucks - the carrier (the transport bidder) who is interested in the published load must be found among the consultants of the published load
  • The profile of the bidding company - the bidder’s contact details must be found in the bidding company’s profile
  • The transport license and the certified copy of the truck - for Romanian companies, the verification is done online and in real time at the Romanian Road Authority (ARR)

Today,  13rd of July 2023, we are supplementing these tools with a new tool woth the help of which you can verify the contact details provided by the bidder. 


More precisely, through an emoticon with the role of a button, placed in:

  • My own consulted/opened loads
  • My loads
  • My deleted loads

a popup is triggered - the tool to verify the bidder’s contact details. Fill in all identification data provided for by the bidder and then press the Check button.



The answer received, by pressing the “Check” button, will provide information concerning the identification data filled in. Among the displayed information you will find information about the company - whether or not it exists in the Alpega database, about the bidder - whether or not the bidder has consulted or not the load, about the truck - whether or not it has a license.   


We invite you to use this tool and notify us as soon as you witness a situation where the verified data do not match.


In order to create an even safer electronic market, we will reward all companies that will provide specific information (the hour of the posted load; the contact details provided by the fraudster, the time when the fraudster contacted the victim and the fraudster’s correspondence with the victim) that will lead to the identification of the fraudster.


By launching this tool, we draw attention, once again, to the importance you must give when entrusting a load for transport.


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Verification of the contact details of the bidder/consultant of the posted load
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