In this section, there are published relevant things about the freight - related platform or events. The news is mainly oriented to the community of the user, provided that the user views the pages of the application in the language of his country of residence.

We mention the news archive in Romanian language, which carries the consultant back to the first years of operation of the application, under the name BursaTransport, in Romania.

News - 123cargo

Truck navigation system: How to choose the right GPS?

General 06-Nov-2020

  In the road transport industry, over the past 15 years the technology has offered fast solutions to drivers in transit through new areas, within certain time limits. Due to the high-performance nav ...


What do you need to know before becoming a truck driver?

General 29-Oct-2020

  More and more young people want to become professional truck drivers, but not many understand what this job implies, especially when we talk about international freight transport.Given the developm ...


Regulation’s amendment: new reasons for temporary suspension from publication of goods

Administrative news 27-Oct-2020

  As a result of Administration’s right to amend the regulation concerning the computer application in line with the incumbent happenings, the administrative measure of temporary suspension of the ri ...


Tow semi-trailers using 123cargo

Product features 19-Oct-2020

  The posted load is a transport request.   The semi-trailer, empty or loaded – is also a load to be towed by a road tractor, and represent a transport request   When you have to move a semi-trai ...


Preventive driving: How to avoid road accidents

General 23-Sep-2020

  When you choose to drive carefully, the chances of being involved in a road accident decrease considerably. The specific methods of such driving allow you to control much better the vehicle, especi ...


Video surveillance system for truck: Its importance and essential criteria for its purchase

General 17-Sep-2020

  A video surveillance system installed on a truck contributes to the significant reduction of some real problems: thefts from truck wagons, vandalism, violation of traffic rules, etc.   Moreover, ...


Legal driving time in the EU: Breaks, working periods, night work

General 26-Aug-2020

  Freight road transport is a fundamental pillar of the economy within the European Union, as well as an indispensable component of multimodal transport, due to its high accessibility (compared to ra ...


Food transport conditions and recommendations regarding the correct packaging

General 05-Aug-2020

  The national and international delivery of food products (especially in the case of those made from meat) is based on a series of transport conditions and recommendations regarding their packaging. ...


Conditions for drugs transport and delivery

General 29-Jul-2020

  The optimal distribution of medicines is based on a well-developed logistics, described by transports that strictly respect the norms in force. For example, refrigerated transport solutions are a d ...

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