In this section, there are published relevant things about the freight - related platform or events. The news is mainly oriented to the community of the user, provided that the user views the pages of the application in the language of his country of residence.

We mention the news archive in Romanian language, which carries the consultant back to the first years of operation of the application, under the name BursaTransport, in Romania.

Latest news - 2022

New CHAT version on 123cargo


  The CHAT, as an instant communicator, makes operational communication between users easier compared to email and especially to telephone. What’s new in the version we provide:   Generous on-pag ...


News archive

At the suggestion of users: filtering of the loads with displayed price only


  When searching for loads, in addition to the existing filtering criteria, the option to select only the loads that include the price (the available budget indicated when publishing the loads, ie th ...


2020 report


  123cargo/BursaTransport is part of the Alpega group of companies which is dedicated to electronic services for transport and logistics operators.   The Alpega group includes the Teleroute, Wtrans ...


Hungary introduces the obligation to register the international transports in the BIREG platform


  On the last day of 2020, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary published in the Official Gazette a Decree by which all companies holding an international road freight carrier’s licen ...


Changes for answers received on „search truck” feature


  Unlike the post of a transport request (for goods) which must be loaded in location A and unloaded in location B, a transport offer (available truck) can be published in several ways:   CITY-CI ...


Blacklist – the new service for customized searches


  Over-posting – the multiple posting of the same load in similar versions – is a phenomenon that has grown in the last period, but 123cargo is trying to discourage it.   Along with the tools alrea ...


Transport invoice guarantee


  The service is offered in partnership by ALPEGA (Teleroute, Wtransnet, 123cargo freight exchanges) and COFACE Belgium, as an insurance partner.   The new service, available on the new version of ...


Truck navigation system: How to choose the right GPS?


  In the road transport industry, over the past 15 years the technology has offered fast solutions to drivers in transit through new areas, within certain time limits. Due to the high-performance nav ...


What do you need to know before becoming a truck driver?


  More and more young people want to become professional truck drivers, but not many understand what this job implies, especially when we talk about international freight transport.Given the developm ...


Regulation’s amendment: new reasons for temporary suspension from publication of goods


  As a result of Administration’s right to amend the regulation concerning the computer application in line with the incumbent happenings, the administrative measure of temporary suspension of the ri ...

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