In this section, there are published relevant things about the freight - related platform or events. The news is mainly oriented to the community of the user, provided that the user views the pages of the application in the language of his country of residence.

We mention the news archive in Romanian language, which carries the consultant back to the first years of operation of the application, under the name BursaTransport, in Romania.

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Latest news - 2021

Changes for answers received on „search truck” feature


  Unlike the post of a transport request (for goods) which must be loaded in location A and unloaded in location B, a transport offer (available truck) can be published in several ways:   CITY-CI ...


News archive

Food transport conditions and recommendations regarding the correct packaging


  The national and international delivery of food products (especially in the case of those made from meat) is based on a series of transport conditions and recommendations regarding their packaging. ...


Conditions for drugs transport and delivery


  The optimal distribution of medicines is based on a well-developed logistics, described by transports that strictly respect the norms in force. For example, refrigerated transport solutions are a d ...


Fatigue while driving: Useful tips for long-distance drivers


  According to the latest statistics from the European Union, about a third of all road accidents are caused by the fatigue of those who ignore the importance of rest, when behind the wheel. The same ...


Company and vehicle documents available to your partners in the company profile


    Following the idea suggested by the users, we implemented in the company profile the Company Documents section. Starting today, 21st of July 2020, you have the possibility to scan and upload, ...


Temporary measure removal


We would like to thank all the members of 123cargo community for responding to our solidarity calls launched during the pandemic crisis.   Following the reduction of restrictions all over Europe, st ...


Contact data forgery


  Attention: identity theft example! We received a warning about an identity theft, from a transport fraud investigator, and we share the information with you. The real company, whose identity wa ...


Feedback for 123cargo’s assistance


Starting today, following your call to 123cargo, you will have the possibility to communicate your assessment on the received assistance.   Your evaluation will be made on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. ...


Payment incidents in pandemic crisis


  Giving the economic crisis generated by the Coronavirus pandemic, 123cargo administration considers that it is difficult to assess which companies are economically affected by the pandemic and whic ...


Share of the employed in transport ocupation


In 2019, 11.6 million people aged over 15 were employed in transport occupations in the European Union, representing 6% of all people employed   Among the EU Member States, Bulgaria recorded the hig ...